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CM-311AE - which transmitter and receiver?

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I wish that crown manufactured an entire system that went with the CM-311AE because I would buy it for sure.

I want to buy the CM-311AE wireless mic and I have no experience with electrical engineering, nor do I know someone who does soldering and stuff. I've seen that there are a few models of this mic that you can get that are specifically wired to go with AKG, Shure, and Audio Technica systems and I would like to know if they all sound the same together or if they are different, and if so which one has absolutely the best sound quality? And does the mic simply plug into the transmitter? Thank you :)


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brubart    0

The CM-311AE with a connector for AKG transmitters is called the CM-311AEAKG. The Shure model is the CM-311AESH, and the Audio-Technica model is the CM-311AEAT. They all sound the same. The mic simply plugs into the transmitter.

If you have a different model of transmitter, Crown Technical Bulletin 3 tells how to wire the CM-311AE to a connector that mates with that model of transmitter. Usually a music store technician can do it for you.

Good luck,


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