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Adjusting the CM311A

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Brewwife    0

Hi, there.

I just received my new CM311A headset mic. I can't wait to use it tonight! I am a singing drummer. I'm also a female.

I'm having a heck of a time trying to mold this to my head. Is my head too small? I realize Brittany may have a little larger head than me! :lol:

Does anyone have any tips? I think i'll have to wrap a bandanna around the back for this weekends' shows.

Also, I wear glasses most of the time. It seems very difficult for these to fit my ears with my glasses. (I always wear contacts when performing, but at rehearsals i wear glasses).

Thanks in advance!


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brubart    0

Hi Christi,

It's OK to apply a lot of force to the headband and earpieces so that they permanently deform to fit your head. You might try putting on the mic first, then glasses, or try the opposite and see what feels best. Maybe you could place your glasses' earpieces just above the mic's earpieces.

Good luck,


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