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I have acquired an SMX-6 mixer/mux second hand, and am having trouble connecting to it to configure it. I suspect that in the installation it was removed from that it might have been used in a Crown Local Net, which would be why I can't connect to it via RS232.

When IQ for Windows 5.12 runs a Roll Call, it seems to connect on the serial interface at the baud rate configured on the DIP switch, says that is checking loop 1, but then says it's finished without finding any components. When I try to add the SMX-6 to the workspace and engage the settings, it gives a "break" error on loop 1 (unable to determine location). The DSPI light does not come on at all. Does this sound like what would happen if it was in CLN mode? I'm using Windows 2000 and a serial cable that I used to connect to a modem with an old Toshiba Tecra 8200.

So my question is, is there a way to get the SMX-6 out of this mode without any other IQ interface to connect via the Crown Bus? The unit has been upgraded to version 1.402, so I can't remove the battery to reset it.

Thanks heaps in advance for your help.


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First make sure the serial cable you are using is a "modem" or straight through wired cable not a null modem cable.

PC db-9 to SMX-6 db-9

Pin 2 to 2

Pin 3 to 3

Pin 5 to 5

Pin 7 to 7

Pin 8 to 8

Pins 1, 4, 6 and 9 are not needed on the db-9

If you have an older SMX-6 that uses a db-25 connector this will be a little different.

PC db-9 to SMX-6 db-25

Pin 2 to 3

Pin 3 to 2

Pin 5 to 7

Pin 7 to 4

Pin 8 to 5

Pins 1, 4, 6 and 9 are not needed on the db-9

If the cabling is correct then most likely it is in CLN Mode. Once CLN has been initiated and the External Algos have been turned on it is not possible to communicate with the SMX-6 via the serial port. The only means to communicate and turn off CLN is via the Crown IQ BUS connection through another Interface device.

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