Would you like IQ operation using Palm OS devices?

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Per my previous reply regarding revisiting the development of IQ operation using the Palm OS platform because of the high view count, I thought that maybe a poll of the users might reveal their PDA ownership trends. This might prove insightful.

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While we appreciatte your interest in the desire for additional product offerings, there are limitations to the Palm operating system and power of the processors that prevent development of a robust solution for Palm. This limitation is not due to Crown opinions or marketing directions, but as David stated previously the platform itself is not powerful enough to support TCP/IQ in a satisfactory method.

Having said that, a solution is available that will allow for control of another machine via Virtual Network Client ( that allows for a Palm device, and many other operating systems, to control a Windows workstation. So if you go to you can download a VNC client that will allow you to control a desktop machine. If you ran IQwic on a desktop machine we do not see any reason why you could not use VNC to control it. However Crown has not tested this particular configuration. We have succesfully access and control systems using VNC from Windows to Windows workstation, even over the Internet.

Based on the fact that a solution is available, just not from Crown, I have closed the Poll.

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