Old CN firmware in a CTs/USP3CN

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I've got here a USP3/CN module with CobraNet version 2.8.8.

Using CN Discovery software I tried to upgrade it, but the software can't find any compatible firmware on the CN firmware directory (which contains the files database.ini, usp3_2_9_16.bin, dpip_2_9_16.bin).

Is there anyone who can send me a compatible CN firmware for it?


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DGlass    0

For the Cirrus Logic program "Cobranet Discovery" (Disco) to operate correctly it must have the the firware the CM-1 currently has in it as well as the version of firmware the CM-1 is going to be upgraded to in the firmware folder (C:\Program Files\Cirrus Logic\CobraNet Discovery\firmware).

The firmware version that is in it is neded for the program to recognize the CM-1 before it can be upgraded.

I will email you the firmware for the USP-3CN as well as I have attached CM-1 update instructions to this postings.


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