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I downloaded sys arch 1.6 and tried to connect to 3 CTs amps. The amps could be seen in the network wizard window, but not in the Venue. Called tech support and downloaded IQwic. With sys arch running in the background and IQwic in the foreground the amps were going on and off line,and IQwic was having problems. I did not know that sys arch was causing the problem until I closed it and everything started acting normally in IQwic. Now the problem with sys arch still exist. The firmware in the amps is version 1.2 :huh: dating back to Jan 05. Could this be the problem? Do I need to update the firmware in IQwic to get sys arch to function normally? I realize that you can do the same things in both programs, however sys arch "if it would work" does seem to be a little more user friendly.

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System Architect requires a firmware version be loaded in the amplifiers for it to be able to work with the amplifiers. The firmware wizard will still see the amps, even with older firmware, because it works on a very low level network communication protocol not TCP/IP.

For System Architect to work with your amps you will need to upgrade them, with the IQwic TCP/IP Utility program, to a firmware version. I recommend doing this with the latest version of the IQwic Utility program so that it will have the latest files and will be able to recognize the newer firmware. Software and firmware can be downloaded from the “Downloads” section of this form.

Be aware that when you do this that all settings in the amp will be erased. Also the DSP flow and functionality is different for firmware than the original firmware. This means that files and settings made in firmware will not work with the newer firmware.

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