HELP, Have show tommorrow!

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I can't answer your technical question, and since it's the weekend I don't know that any of the Crown technical staff will see your post before your show. But I can point you to the PS-8810 page on the BSS Audio web site, where you can find manuals and other literature. I hope this helps.

PS-8810 page on BSS Audio site

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There are basically two types of PS-8810 units, the PS-8810 and the PS-8810C, and they both look the same. There will be an RS-232 db-9 connector on the front and the back. Next to the db-9 on the back there will be two RJ-45 connectors, stacked one on top of the other labeled "IQ BUS".

The PS8810C (CobraNet Unit) will have two more RJ-45 connectors just to the right of the two IQ Bus RJ-45 connectors labeled "Primary" and "Secondary" for Ethernet connection.

The PS-8810 (non "C" unit) will only communicate through the Serial connection directly to a computer. By unit using the "IQ Bus" connections multiple units could have a communication Link between them for control and monitoring. This was done by creating a Loop from device to device and back to the first. The first unit would then connect to the computer with a serial connection. These units could have a 2.001, 2.100 and 2.100 firmware and used the IQ for Windows software. If the unit does not have the "Primary" or "Secondary" CobraNet RJ-45 connectors it is a PS-8810 (non-Ethernet device).

For a very short time, before the full Ethernet versions of the PS-8810C came out, there was a hybrid version of the PS-8810. This unit was a PS-8810 that could receive CobraNet Audio and was called a PS-8810C. It had the CobraNet connections to receive CobraNet audio but for control and monitoring it communicated through its RS-232 port. No control and monitoring could be done through the "Primary" or "Secondary" Ethernet connections. These units are pretty rare and were only used in a few installations and most of these have been updated to be a full Ethernet version. They had the 2.101 firmware and used the IQ for Windows software.

The full Ethernet version of the PS-8810C still has the serial and IQ Bus connections however their functionality, for communications, is turned off. The PS-8810C will only communicate via Ethernet through either the "Primary" or "Secondary" CobraNet RJ-45 connectors using the IQwic software. All firmware versions were a 3.xxx with the last version being 3.101.

If you should have one of the hybrid PS-8810C units they can be upgraded to a full Ethrnet PS-8810C version by upgrading the firmware.

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