Need an .oif for USM 810

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jjj    0

i need a .oif for a USM 810 so as i can see if it's going to do what the client wants it to do.

I can't find these on the web anywhere...

can someone point me to it.

I have only watched someone else use Iq in the past and don't remember it being this difficult.

Thanks in Advance,


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DGlass    0

Download and install the IQ for windows software from the downloads section of this Forum. The .oif files for all the products are located in the installed directory of the software. (C:\ProgramFiles\IQsystems\IQ for Windows). In the case of the USM-810 there are two version files you should be concerned with: the USM810.oif and USM110.oif files. The USM810.oif file is for units with firmware versions 1.00x and the USM110.oif is for versions 1.10x. There is usually a sticker on the back of the unit that will tell you the firmware version. You can also check the firmware version when running the IQ for Windows software as the firmware version will be displayed on the "General" tab page for the unit.

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