how to make cutome panel

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I cant figure it out how do I make custom panels to show what I want to see?

The forum is limited in how much it can teach but I will give you the basics. Also check out the help files in System Architect. Use the Index search in Help and search for “Custom Control Panels”.

From the main menu bar of System Architect select Panel|Custom Control Panel.

This will create the Custom Control Panel Designer page called “Page 1” (if it’s the first one).

From this point on there are three methods of creating a Custom control Screen. I am listing the simplest method below. I hope this helps.

Drag and Drop

*Select the “Venue View” tab to get back to the screen that shows all your HiQnet devices.

*Double-click on one of the devices to open up the device control window.

*In the upper right corner click on the recycle button next to the minimize button. This will lock the device window so it will not be reused.

*Click on the Tab for “Panel 1” Custom Control Panel Designer.

*The device panel will need to be brought back to the front.

*Once the device panel is back to the front you can go into any of the control panels and drag a control to the “Panel 1” by holding down the key board “ctrl” key left click and drag the control to the Custom Control Panel Designer

*Note some controls and monitoring are not able to be dragged and dropped.

*To activate the control panel select F5 from the key board or “Panel|Activate Custom Control Panel” from the main menu.

*The controls on the Custom Control Panel should now control the device controls.

*If you loose the active control screen you can re-access it by selecting View|Custom Panels and from the Custom Control Panel window select your Custom Control Panel.

Note: changes have to be made on the Custom Control Panel Designer and then the control panel re-activated for changes to take place.

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