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NWAJeff    0

Hopefully someone here can help me.

In the arena that I work I have 76 various crown amps all networked together

with a crown Iq system.

When I open Iq for windows the amps roll call is performed perfectly but after it sits idle for a few minutes I randomly get a messages saying that an amp has gone offline.

After I click ok it will go away but then come back with another amp.

Sometimes there is just one amp but other times there are multiples.

I have not noticed a pattern or one particular amp.

Any Ideas?

Iq software is version 4.16.4

And PIP's are USP2 version 1.002


Jeff Baumgartner

Nationwide Arena

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DGlass    0

It sounds like there is a loop problem with either loop capacitance or something is putting noise on the line to jam the loop. Below is a link to the Crown Web site were you can find a posting of the IQ System-Troubleshooting Guide from the old IQ School manual. This guide will help you with troubleshooting an IQ loop system. You will need to build a break out box for the loop consisting with two RJ-45 connector and test two test points for you meters as reading voltages and connecting a scope on RF-45 connectors can be a little hard.

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