IQ-PSI still available?

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msmith    0

I just picked up a Com-Tech 410 on the cheap and then found a IQ-USP2 card for a mind blowing $6.00 US. Input 1 is shot but I'm going to use it in the 410 as a single input crossover to drive a 2 driver subwoofer.

Question is, is the IQ-PSI pocket serial interface still available? I've checked my price lists for the last 2 years and can't find any mention of it. I've been using the company's but I'd like to get one of my own if it's not TOO spendy.



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DGlass    0

The PSI (Pocket Serial Interface) has been discontinued for at least 4 years and there is no replacement. At one time we were recommending a Serial to 20ma converter made by Black Box but last year they changed their operational design of the unit and the new model no longer works for our application.

The only devices available for use as an interface to the Legacy 20ma devices are the Crown INT-3 and USM-810 or the BSS PS-8810 (non-CobraNet version).

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