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is there a way to attenuate the input of the XTI amp either selecting a different input senistivity either via a switch or software?



You don't say why you are looking for a" a way to attenuate the input of the XTI amp" so I will try to cover a couple of different things.

There are two level controls for each input. The front panel level control and a software level controls.

Most people think of the front panel level control as a gain control however it is an input attenuator. Amplifiers have a fixed gain set for a particular input voltage (input sensitivity). In the case of the XTi amplifiers they have an input sensitivity of 1.4 volts. This means that with the front level control all the way up and the software level controls all the way up, the amp will give full rated output. Since most pro audio mixing consoles at 0VU are +4dbu/1.23 volts - if the amp is turned all the way up you will get full rated output of the amp at or about the time you are hitting 0VU. If you don't need the system that loud you can attenuate the input signal, to the amp, with the front level controls. This allows you to still run the mixer up out of its noise floor keeping the best signal to noise.

The second level controls per channel are available via the System Architect software. Besides allowing for a way to have a remote level control they are there to help balance the levels between channels for doing things like Biamping.

With that said there are some people that like to drive the signal to the amps hotter than +4dbu for reasons of better signal to noise and/or multiple amplifier distribution reasons. In this case the hotter signal could clip the input stage of an amplifier even if the amp is turned down. The only option for this is to put attenuator pads inline before the amp.

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