Using Control Port to change presets

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We would like to use the control port inputs to call up different presets (change from one preset to another) on an IQ-USM810.

The Reference manual has information on pin wiring, voltages etc. and says you can assign functions such as calling presets, But I need information on how to go about doing this, (do the programing part). I've read the software manuals but don't see the information I need.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Art Prime

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DGlass    0

I hope this helps.

•After performing roll call double click on the USM810 icon that shows in the Workplace screen and the meter panel will open.

•At the bottom of the meter panel depress the yellow window expansion bar. This will open the Tabs panel.

•Select the Control Port tab.

•Digital Inputs 1-8 are assigned to Pins 12-19.

•Each Digital Input has an LED that indicates the current state of the pin, on = high, off = low.

•For the desired Digital Input pin select the Edit Button for it. Clicking on the Edit button brings up the "Control Port Assignment Dialog" window. (This is the button with three dots on it just above the Pin number)

•In the upper right corner of the "Control Port Assignment Dialog" there is the "Control Port Input Mode" selector box. Select “Recall Preset”.

•Another selection box will open just below the "Control Port Input Mode" selector box. There are two options one is for the selection of what to recall when the pin goes high (or sees a voltage) and the other is what to recall when the pin goes low (or there is no voltage). A drop down menu is used for selecting the desired preset.

-By only assigning a Preset to be recalled when the pin goes high, push button switches may be used to recall individual preset from each of the Digital input pins. A rotary switch could also be used, in place of individual push button switches, for the selection of the Presets assigned to different Digital Input Pins.

-Using both the “on pin high” and “on pin low” for recalls will allow for a regular on/off type switch to be used for recalling two presets. One Preset would be recalled when the pin goes high and another Preset when the pin goes low. This option is generally used when there are only two Preset to be recalled.

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