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Hi everybody!

(Hi David. Thank you again for coming to Milan...)

My questions are:

is it possible to manage ad IQ Network via a VPN link?

If the answer is positive: is there any rule to remember?

If the anwser is positive: may a VPN link go faster than a classic remote desktop link?

Thank you.

Go on as you already do, IQ Network is really fantastic!


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Hello Moreno-

It is possible to control IQ components directly via a VPN link.

The configuration items that must be addressed are:

1) A proxy component on the network you are trying to connect to must be entered in the network settings

2) It is best to run a roll call/discovery while attached to the network before leaving site

Since one would be communicating with the IQ components, it will be different than a remote desktop link. Depending on the number of the components it could be faster or slower, at the moment the differences I have seen are not enough to say that there is a visibile difference.

Hope that helps.



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