Control multiple channels in multiple amps

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Yes you can.

In IQWic there is a way to quick create master control panels.

An Instant New Master is a Control Panel that may be configured to control one or more IQ components. Typically these are used to allow for quick control of groups of amplifiers. Master Control Panels are saved in the Dataframe. There are several methods for creating a Master Control Panel. The first step in any of these methods is to right-click on the selected Components in the Workplace. Most people find it helpful to shift-click to select the components before right-clicking. If the component can be controlled by a Master Control Panel, the top entry in the menu that drops down will be Control Panels with an arrow to the right of the text. This arrow indicates that there is more that can be done. Click on this entry in the menu to view a submenu. This submenu contains the entries: Open Standard, Instant New Master, Setup Masters. Open Standard: Clicking on this selection opens the standard single control panels for the selected components. It is equivalent to double-clicking on the selected Component Image. Instant New Master: Clicking on this selection reveals a submenu that lets you create a Master Control Panel. The contents of this submenu are designed to vary depending on what type of units the Master Control Panel is controlling. Channel 1 Only or Channel 2 Only: Creates and opens a Master Control Panel that controls only a single channel of the eligible selected IQ components. Channels 1 and 2: Creates and opens a Master Control Panel that controls both channels of the eligible selected IQ Components. Setup Masters: Clicking on this selection allows you to carefully customize the contents of a Master Control Panel by opening a Master Control Panel Edit Form.


If you need the decoder, http://www.crownaudio.com/iq_htm/videos/tscc.exe

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