IR control file for the PS8810

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The 8810 IR receiver uses RC5x codes. Unfortunately, Philips' support for direct entry of these codes via ProntoEdit has varied quite a lot over the years since the 8810 was first introduced. We know that the original version of ProntoEdit had such support (this is what we used to develop our IR control with in the first place) as does ProntoEdit4 (the version we have used most recently). There was at least one software version that did not support direct RC5 code entry. We chose the RC5x code because of the flexibility it appeared to offer. However, it seems that it might have been a poor choice due to Philips' lack of consistent support.

If the PS-8810 is a PS8810C (CobraNet version) another alternative would be to use an AMX or Crestron remote control panel and control the PS-8810C via UDP from the network connection. This would also give you more control options.

I will be sending an email to you containing the information we used to have available.

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