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Hi, I'm Jordi from Catalunya (North Spain).

I have a question about IQ. Is this protocol an open and free to use system?

Can I control my own Sub-Wooffer with build in DSP with the IQ protocol and the software that exists?

I have acces to the DSP and I can program it. I want to make an interface for translate the information about DELAY, EQ and Volume than travels in the IQ protocol and insert it in the DSP of my own Sub-Woffer system!


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Hello Jordi-

A little more clarification is in order. If you are developing commercial products, then there is a licensing agreement that must be followed. If you are using our products and building a custom control interface, then you can use the protocol.

The protocol information that is freely distributed is designed to allow for the creation of custom control interfaces for our products. It is not designed to allow for other commercial companies to develop products using IQ protocol without a license. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the technical support issues. If you develop a product using IQ protocol, Crown will not provide technical support to you or your end users.

In the future, please continue to work through David Glass, as you have already corresponded with him via e-mail. David's understanding that you want to develop your own product is different than the inferred message on this board, that you were going to be using our products. For the sake of clarity you should continue to work through the same person.


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