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Crown Announces Two Software Releases

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Crown is pleased to announce the release of two software updates. System Architect has been updated to version 1.4 and IQwic has been updated to 8.21. The updates are listed below. You can download System Architect from and IQwic from Current IQwic Software

New in System Architect Version 1.40.0:

  • Support for the Crown CDi 4000 installed sound amplifier
  • Convert Default Panel to Custom Panel - speed up the process of custom panel creation by starting with the factory-supplied panels and converting them quickly into a panel which can be further tailored to your needs.
  • Graphical Grouping of Controls - group controls in the integrated Custom Control Panel designer for the purposes of moving and editing them as a single entity.
  • Advanced Search - sift swiftly through the vast numbers of parameters available to assist with their assignment to controls on a Custom Control Panel.
  • New custom controls - Dynamics Graph, Rotary Encoder, Advanced Meter.
  • Event Log button - be proactively alerted to customizable levels of events on the HiQnet network and launch the System Architect Event Log directly from the new button located immediately on the interface.
  • Increased device count for multiple simultaneous firmware update.
The updates from IQwic 8.20 to 8.21 are:
  • Fixed: undefined event handler error when opening error report settings dialog.
  • Added support for latest firmware of PIP Modules and MultiChannel Amplifiers

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