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System Architect 1.3 Released

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HiQnet System Architect™


The core of HiQnet System Architect is engineered by a central Harman Pro R&D team. The software architecture enables Harman Pro brands to develop plugins for their products which integrate seamlessly with the core application. System Architect is currently at version 1.3 and uses the Harman HiQnet protocol to configure and control the following products:

  • AKG HUB 4000 Q
  • Crown CDi Series
  • Crown 2-channel CTs and MA series amplifiers with PIP LITE, USP3 or USP3/CN installed
  • Crown CTs 4200 USP/CN and 8200 USP/CN
  • Crown DSi Series
  • Crown I-Tech series
  • Crown XTi Series
  • dbx DriveRack? 4800 and DriveRack? 4820
  • JBL VerTec? DP series
  • JBL VP series

New in version 1.30.0:

Support for AKG HUB 4000 Q - HiQnet compatible network concentrator for connecting up to eight SR 4000 receivers to a HiQnet network per device.

Master Control Panel - take control of any number of like devices from a single factory-supplied Master Control Panel. Devices may belong to any number of Master Control Panels to enable greater flexibility of control.

Custom Monitoring Panel - with use of a simple wizard, create a Custom Control Panel quickly and easily to monitor input and output meters, online / offline status, clip errors and control output mutes for any number of selected like or unlike devices. Configure the automatically created panel further with the integrated Custom Control Panel designer.

Controls - new buttons added to the palette of controls for Custom Control Panel design.

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