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Chris    0

I have a PS8810C V2.101 that I wish to upgrade to TCP/IQ functionality.

Does it need more than a firmware update and where can I find the required firmware?


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DGlass    0

To upgrade a Non-TCP/IQ PS-8810C unit to a TCP/IQ unit you will need two pieces of firmware.

The first will be the latest version of the PS-8810C firmware in a CNMxxxx .txt format not the standard .bin format available from our Downloads section. The .txt format is used to upgrade a R-232 units and the .bin file is used to upgrade from one Ethernet version to another. If you will send your Email address to me at I will email you the most recent firmware .txt file and instructions.

This firmware will need to be installed using the RS-232 port.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the upgrade as this may cause the box to lock up and not function.

After the upgrade the RS-232 port and the Current Loop will no longer function. Control and Monitoring will be done through the Ethernet port. (To have direct connection of a laptop to the PS-8810C TCP/IQ version you will need a Cat5 crossover cable)

The second firmware is for upgrading the Cobranet module that is built into the PS-8810C. This firmware is available from the download section of this Forum.

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