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John Delke

System Design - Need Ideas

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John Delke    0

Hi all, I'm new here and need some help. I've taken "IQ school" but a long time ago, and this is my first real-world application of the IQ product.

I've got a 6 floor office building, with an existing (1975ish vintage) Bogen 70V paging system. There are multiple inputs routed to a TOA mixer, with a global "all call" page or music output to all zones/floors. It's primarily a background music & emergency page system, zone paging is not possible nor needed.

All of the existing gear is to be scrapped, save the TOA mixer, and possibly the zone monitor panel/speaker (rack mounted). They are to be replaced with (as recommended by our rep.):

3) CTS-600 amplifiers (each channel handling a floor of the building)

1) CTS-600 amp (a totally redundant backup amplifier - customer required)

4) PipLite modules

What the customer would like is:

Indicator panel (LED or similar) of amplifier status.

Automatic switching/routing of output (s ((maximum of 2)) to the redundant amplifier in the event of primary amplifier failure.

Audible alert (buzzer with silence button) of amp/channel failure.

All of these features are currently in place, even with the system's advanced age, using electro-mechanical switching via relays and lamps.

Can I do it with the PipLite's and the CTS-600's?? Or, do we need to delve further?

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Chris    0

You could use the AUX port of the PIP-Lite. It's a low voltage logic in/output that can be set up to report any type of errors in the amp and hence it may trigger a set of relays and lamps/buzzers.

A more comprehensive Indicator Panel could be set up on a PC running IQwiq. Then you may even have the system send you an e-mail if there's a fault.

Cheers :)


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