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Loud noise in ?Ts+USP3CN

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Basmi    0

I have a problem with 3 amp CTs ( with USP3/CN card). All cards updated to the latest USP3/CAN ( and CM1 (2.9.16) firmware. All work well, but from speakers I listening loud noise! When I soft reboot amp from System Architect – noise disappear at 2-3 second. About noise: such sound we can listen if mix 375Hz + 750Hz+1.5kHz …. sine generator, like “digital” interference. This problem not depend stand alone amp or connecting with signal source. How can I fix this problem?

And I have other question. I use Crown DBC Network Bridge. Version CM1 firmware in this device is 2.9.14. Can I update firmware to the 2.9.16 like in USP3/CN card?


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