Load monitoring on constant voltage line

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Hi all,

only a question, in order to implement an IQ Network on a new facility.

If I use a CTs2000 to drive a 100V line with (for example) one hundred loudspeakers with transformer (as JBL Control 24CT micro), is it possible to control the failure of only one loudspeaker?

Is the load monitoring function of a PIP-LITE so precise?

Thank you beforehand.

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The PIP-LIte has resolution of a single ohm. However the bigger challenge is the transformer between the loudspeaker and the speaker line. If a louspeaker component does fail, the transformer which still provide a load on the speaker line. This situation will typically prevent a single loudspeaker failure from presenting enough of a difference in resitance to be registered.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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