Sys archr amps in order?

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This has to do with the way ethernet devices answer back over the Ethernet. Basically when System Architect engages it sends out a querry to the network asking "Anyone out there out there on the network?". Then things like CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection), used by Ethernet networks, is used to determine when a device can get network access to transmit it's information. With CSMA/CD network devices listen to the network and wait untill the line is clear to tramsmitt data. The device then sends it's data out onto the network. If there is more than one device transmitting, collisions result. Sensing the collision the devices stop transmitting for a ramdom period of time and sense the network to see if it is alright to try again. So... which ever device transmitts first gets reported first.

If this is an amplifier system used all the time you can arrange the devices in the order you want them in the SA Venue View and save a Venue file. Opening the Venue file and up loading the data will give you a display that has the amps in the order you want them in. :)

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