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ITECH and SA 1.30

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We have portable racks w/2 4000's and 1 8000 ITechs in each.

We've been operating passive VRX 965's for a year and wanted to have the ability to go active. Soo.. we downloaded what looks like a great set of tunings from JBL, done in SA.

Upgraded the firmware to and installed SA 1.30 and IQ 8.0.1a.

IQ works like a charm, finds the amps...yada yada. SA on the other hand...keeps giving us one error "Error opening interface Adapter which is the IP assigned by DHCP of our NetGear switch. The amps are static at thru

Everyone is happily on the same subnet. We've even tried changing all the IP's to static

169.XXX.XXX's no go. We've removed all adapters added new adapter, no go. Reinstalled SA, no go. SA can't seem to open our ethernet adapter. There is something stupid and silly that we're missing here. ??? Any and all help most gratefully appreciated.

Thomas Cox and Johnny B AVT,Inc

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First let’s take everything back to its basics and get everything working with fixed IP addresses without any DHCP going on. I am also going to assume that there are no network Routers in this network and you are just using network switches.

Note: If you are using a Wireless/Router/Switch/DHCP Server connect everything to the switched ports and don’t use the LAN connection. Also at this point shut off the DHCP Server.

When a computer is selected to obtain an address via DHCP the computer will try to contact to a local DHCP server on the network. When it doesn't find one the computer will kick in what’s referred to as AIPIPA and the computer will assign itself an address in the range of to and a subnet of This is Microsoft’s private range of IP addresses, which are not used on the Internet. Although this works with computer to computer (peer to peer network) it doesn't necessarily lend itself to this situation.

*Start by giving your computer a fixed IP address of something like subnet This is so the computer is addressed high enough to be out of the range of the other devices.

*Then open the System Architect software.

*In the TOOLS|OPTIONS window under “Network Settings” select “Manage Network Connections”.

*In the “Manage Network Connections” window remove all Ethernet connections.

*Then add back in only the IP address that is connected to you amp network i.e. IP address

*When done close the Option windows.

Note: This should bind the software to that particular Network Interface and IP address so the software only looks out of that NIC to find HiQnet devices

*Open TOOLS|NETWORK WIZARD and manually address all your amps with an address in the to network range with a subnet of

The HiQnet addresses of each device should be different and unique from each other. i.e. 1-20 or 111-120 etc. and in this case could be the same thing as the last byte of the IP address.

*All devices should now show up.

Note: One last thing make sure the button/window in the lower left corner of System Arhitect says the Network is Active. If it doesn't click once on that button to make it active. If a window appears asking if you want to "upload" all the device info say yes to all.

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Hi David,

We've been busy with shows last couple of days.

Got time yesterday to follow your instructions. So we..

*Talked to our router/switch and turned off DHCP.

*Set the IP static on the laptop NIC to Subnet

*After removing all adapters and adding we got.. "Error opening the following ethernet interface:"

Note: The static IP's of the amps are thru Subnet

*Tried re-setting the laptop NIC to removed adapters again in SA. Added we got.."Error opening the following ethernet interface:"

*We then used TCPIQ utility to set one rack to thru 113. Re-set the laptop NIC to checked communication with IQ..good.

*Back to SA removed adapters added we got.."Error opening the following ethernet interface:"

Is SA not binding? IQ never seems to have a problem "seeing the adapters"

We have yet to get SA to.

Tom and Johnny B.

AVT Hyatt Chicago

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David asked me to take a look at this also. I am curious, are you running anything else, such as London Architect at the same time? Also is the firewall turned off or allowing System Architect through?


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Hi Brad,

No firewall, no LA.

I stress that, IQ works flawlessly under all iterations of adapter settings we have tried.

It seems that SA is just not opening our laptop interface. ????

Why is IQ working and SA not ?

Of course, we can take the SA tunings and use IQ to manually build them as data frames. That's just a pain.

Besides, we like the SA GUI and want it to work.

Does SA need a particular service running that IQ does not ?

A protocol other than tcp/ip ?

Tom and Johnny B

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