Replacing PipLite Card

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marc.lewis    0

Just replaced a bad PIP card in one of my MA-5002 amps. In my IQwic software, this amplifier now appears as "offline" and on the PIP-LITE card the IQ Data light is not flashing. Why is this and how can I fix it? Is this an IP address discrepancy?

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DGlass    0

If you are opening an exiting file and the unit is showing off line than it is more than likely an addressing issue.

All PIPs have to be addressed before they can be seen by the IQwic software. There should be another program in the Start menu for IQ called "TCP/IQ Utility". When this program is started it will show all the devices and their addresses. The new card should be addressed with an IP address in the same range as the others in the system.

The IQ address should be different than any other device on the network and if you are going to use an existing file than it should match the PIP it is replacing.

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