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<_< How do I reset my IT 4000 to the original settings? I currently have no ready lights on the front panel. My IQ Data light keeps flashing and the amp makes a clicking sound. According to the owners manual this means that the amp is polled for data or is polled to see whether it is online. I have not been able to get the amp back online. When going through the menu I am unable to make any changes. I also noticed that my presets are gone, IP address is at 0 along with all other settings and when amp boots up there is a -100 on ch's 1&2. this did occur when attempting to set up my wireless network. thanks for any help. B)

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Does the amp show up in the TCPIQ Utility program?

If it shows up in TCPIQ Util. what IP and subnet address does it have?

If it shows up in TCPIQ Util. does it have a Red highlight?

What firmware does the amp have?

Here is the procedure for resetting the ITech amplifiers to factory defaults. This procedure does not reset the IP or MAC address but if something was hanging the card up then this may clear it.

1) Shut off the amplifier.

2) Press and hold in the Preset Switch while powering it back up.

Note: The Preset Switch is located on the back of the amp in the small hole between the Data and Preset lights. A small tool will be needed to depress the micro-switch.

3) Both the Data and Preset LEDs will turn on steady.

4) After approximately 5 seconds, both the Data and Preset LEDs will go out. When the LEDs come back one release the Preset Switch.

5) Power cycle the amplifier and it should be set back to factory preset.

If this doesn't clear it than it is more than likely that something has taken out the DSP/input board and it should come in to us or one of our Authorized Service Centers for repair.

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