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I have to service an IQ Crown system consisting of the following equipment:


MRX 24

MRX-24S 2 pcs.

MPX-6 5pcs.

under Crown Turbo13 software.

The equipment is functioning properly and can be manually controlled through software. However, the part of the DRN-16 software which interprets input commands from remote panels to the modules MPX-6 and MRX-24 has apparently been deleted. That is, command signals (analog signals from the remote pots and binary signals from the selectors) are properly decoded in DRN-16 but then the module fails to forward commands to the equipment.

Since I cannot get hold of the user's manual for Turbo 13 software, I'd appreciate if someone could tell me:

1) whether it is possible to download the user programming manual for Turbo13 software (if yes, where from)

2) whether this system can be controlled using a more advanced Windows-based version of the IQ software and, if so, how such software (and its programming manual) can be obtained; for some reason, I fail to complete successful installation of the Turbo 13 software at my Windows XP-based workstation.

Best regards

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We haven't supported the old Turbo Software in quite a few years and I am sorry to say that we no longer carry any of the manuals for the old Turbo software.

Likewise, the components you mentioned are not supported in the newer software packages, like IQ for Windows, they basically used a different code set.

The original Turbo manual was over 200 pages and made on a old MAC with custom fonts both of which are no longer available. Give me a couple of days to see what I might be able to find. If I can find anything I will try and get it copied.

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