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Hi. I have an i-tech 4000, bought in from the states brand new 14 months ago.I live in the UK.I use the amp about twice a month.It is a great piece of kit but last night I used it and the clip light on ch. 1 stayed on.No signals were goint to the amp as I switched the amp on first.Because I did not have a spare I used ch. on 2 SRX 715s with the preset i have for that configuration and muted ch. 1.I dare not use the amp again as I`m not sure I will damage it. The amp is staored in a garage which is very dry but quite cold,could this have caused the problem? please help!!!

Regards,Carl UK

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This is my personal opinion, is it possible that you might have had condensation by bringing the amplifier in from the cold. perhaps let it warm up to room temperature first and then see what happens.

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