impossible to do the firmware update for xti amps

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I was trying to work with system architect, to install it and configurate my amps(XTI), and i found out that i had to do the firmware upgrade, and then i got stock on number 5 point where instead of getting the acknowledgement of the amp, i get this message:USB DEVICE YOU ARE TRYING TO CONNECT TO THE VIRTUAL MACHINE IS BEING USED BY ANOTHER PROCESS. WAIT 5-10 SECONDS, THEN TRY TO CONNECT THE DEVICE AGAIN. IF THIS DOES NOT HELP, FIND THE APPLICATION THAT BLOCKED UP THE DEVICE AND DISCONNECT IT MANUALLY.

I do really need to work this system architect!! do u mb have an idea of what is happening! :(

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DGlass    0

Did you have System Architect open at the same time as our Cloader program to do the firmware update?

You cannot have both software packages trying to talk to the USB port at the same time.

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