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wgage    0

I've been using the xti for about three months as power for my bass rig and during that time I haven't noticed the fan coming on once. I haven't been pushing it too hard so I asumed that it just hasn't gotten warm enough. How warm does it have to get? The pannel display says it's at 30 deg C for the channels and P5 is 41C...........Thanks Bill

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DGlass    0

Here is how to check to see if the amps fans are operational.

Press and Hold in the Center (Prev./Up) button while applying power to the amp. After about 4-5 sec the words "Press Me" will appear in the display. Release the center button. This will put the amp into a diagnostic mode were all the front LEDs will light and the fan should go into full speed.

To clear this mode either depress each of the three front panel buttons once (one at a time) or power down and back up.

If the fan doesn't come on then there is an issue with the fan or control circuit. If the fan does come on and the amp still thermals then there is still an issue and in either case the unit should be looked at.

The amps will get quite warm as the fan switches on at about 65 degrees C.

To check individual channel temps and Power Supply temperatures (with the amp powered up) depress the three front panel buttons together and after about three to 4 seconds the amp will go into the second diagnostic mode were you can use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to step the display through the individual channel temperatures, power supply temperature as well as the firmware version the amp is using.

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