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Matt24    0

When using the network wizard to setup the system, it seems that the UDP bind address doesn't stick after IQwic is restarted.

In my case I have a wireless lan connection and a 100BaseTX, in this case it needs to know which card to bind to. After running the network wizard, everything works, but after restarting IQwic the network wizard needs to be run again in order to work. Or I can manually set the UDP bind address, but I thought the network wizard should take care of this?

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DGlass    0

The UDP bind to IP address should be selected for both the TCP/IQ Utility and the IQwic software packages first, when using two NIC cards in a computer.

From the Help File for both Software packages:

If you are running the program on a computer with more than one network adaptor, enter the IP address that is bound to the adaptor that is connected to the IQ Network. If you have more than one adaptor, it is highly recommended that you do this. The program can only access an IQ Network on one adaptor at a time. If you only have one NIC, this field should be left blank.

After selecting the IP address of the proper NIC card run the TCPIQ utility program to find all the devices then run the Address Wizard.

Once the devices have been successfully address close TCPIQ Util. and open IQwic. Since the UDP Bind address was selected already for IQwic, all the devices should now show up addressed and ready for programming.

The Network Wizard should only need to be run once unless you need to add components or change addressing.

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