MA 5002vz power issue

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RCColer    0

I know that the Crown MA 5002vz requires much more power than the 120volt standard wall outlet can provide. I try my best to ignore the need of a huge power distro to power my amps up, if possible. I believe I am having a powering problem; I am figuring that by the clipping sound coming from the amp (5002vz). It doesn't happen at all venues, just some. (At some of these venues) When the low end hits (not even that hard) the amp makes the standard clipping "wolf" sound, but the red light for the load limit does not glow. It is still green. I am figuring that it is a powering issue...or a lack of power in the venue. I have always powered the amp off of a standard wall outlet (120v). It just varies from venue to venue.

What's the problem...Could it be the lack of power from some venues?



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DGlass    0

Since you say it varies from venue to venue I would have to agree that it sounds like an AC power issue.

The MA5002vz comes standard with a 120/30A power cord. If you are just running an 8-ohm load per side or 16-ohms Bridge-Mono the amp requires about 15 amps to get full output. A 4-ohm load per side/8-ohms Bridge-Mono load and it would require about 22.5 amps. A 2-ohm load per side/4-ohms Brodge-Mono and it would require about 27.7 amps.

The standard US 120v AC wall outlet is wired for and rated for 15 amps. As you can see from above even with an 8-ohm per side or 16-ohms Bridge-Mono load you could reach the circuit maximum at full output. If there was anything else on the same AC circuit branch as the amp it would also be pulling current and the amp could become current starved even if 5K wasn't pulling full on the AC line.

By Law we cannot tell you to use a circuit cheater to get the amp to plug into a smaller circuit even though it will run on one (for a while). The bigger issue here is should in one of those venues a 15 amp circuit breaker be faulty you could pull enough current, with the MA5k to heat the 15 amp rated electical wire up and potentially cause a fire. If anything should happen you could be held liable for damages. :(

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