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Eddy Alvarez

Someone can solve this?

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:( Good days someone can help me

My problem is the following one:

1:Amplifier cts 600 and cts 1200

2:amplifier ignites and goes out immediately, ignites 2 indicators of fault

3:checks all the transistors of output, drivers of the stage of amplification of both channels and ok

4:I have the schematic one and checks all 24 volts of startup and all 24 volts of start up switched every ok

5:I disconnected the voltages of 100/-100 removing the fuses fb909/fb910 and it ignites, all the voltages 15/-15, 24/-24, 24startup/24startup switched 100/-100 ok, but led clip ignites in the channel 2

6:In tp211 I have-13 v and in tp111 I have 120 mv

7:I changed the circuits u8, u204, u201, u202, u205, u206, u207 and the transistors q39, q206, q207 and associate components but it does not work

For it his helps thank you very much, If someone needs the schematic one sending helps me it by mail

Eddy alvarez technician of Pan-American electronics guatemala

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KWhitehead    0


At power up measure the speaker output for a DC offset. Find out which channel is producing a DC voltage and keeping the amp shut down. If there's a DC voltage you will see a quick flash of DC and the amp will go into protect.

Form what you have started and looking into ch. 2 I would look at replacing ch. 2's LVA transistors. They are Q32, 33, 219, 30, 31 and 211. Three are PNP's and the other three are the NPN's. If one of these transistors become leaky it can cause a DC offset and place the whole amp in protect mode.


Kip Whitehead

Crown Technical Support

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