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K2 Signal Light Remaining ON with No Signal

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JBLman    0

I have 4 Crown K2's distributed between 2 systems, 3 in one system and one in the other. Great amps. Just recently, the Channel 2 signal light is remaining on even when there is no signal being sent to the amplifier. This occurs in both stereo and mono mode. I tried both. Normally I run these amps in mono mode. Speaker driven is a JBL AL6115. My other K2's don't do this. Seems odd that it's showing a signal present even if I power the amp up on its own with inputs disconnected.

When I see a light on its a possible indication something mat be wrong with this amp even though it seems to sound okay. Any advice or experience out there?This amp is relatively new as I bought in July 2005 and put into service in October 2005.

Thank you,


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