PZM-11LL Connections

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Currently I have two PZM-11LLs connected to my Shure SCM810 and not phantom powered. Separate RS 24VAC transformer. To make the connections to the mixer I used CAT-6 with a single strand from 3 twisted pair sets and power on both strands of the orange/orange white pair. They seem to be working OK to me but I am new to this. Other than the obvious differences, what is the difference between the CAT-6 and shielded microphone cable? The CAT-6 isn't shielded but is designed to eliminate or minimize any cross-talk via the twists. Knowing the above, and drawing on any similar experience would using shielded mic cable work better? Should I be able to detect an audible difference or would it only address inaudible line noise only seen with a scope? I have to believe that running the power in the same 4 pair bundle has to be detrimental to some degree but don't see anything obvious as a resulting of doing so. Should I go ahead and run separate power. Phantom power is an option but don't really want to tear into the circuitry at this point unless if would be a significant benefit. Running additional lines isn't a problem. BTW, both runs are around 30 feet. If I need to switch to shielded mic cable, is there a particular brand or street name (nickname) I should look for when I head out. In the telecom world, hardly anything is actually referred to by its true name but rather a, sometimes colorful, nickname. I also have RG-59 and RG-6 coax on hand but they are only 2 conductor core and shield.

Thanks in advance


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On the Audio lines you should really be using shielded pair wire for the audio path. One reason for using shielded pair is that twisted pair is good for certain types if noise reduction and crosstalk but the shield is needed to shield the audio leads from EMI/RFI.

There is no street name or nick name other than 2 Conductor Shielded Pair or Low Impedance shielded mike wire. One model number used quite often is the West Penn Wire #452. It is a 2 conductor 22 AWG stranded wire

For the Power Supply lines it doesn't matter if the wire is side by side, tristed pair or shielded wire so doubling up pairs of a Cat6 cable will do fine for this.

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