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IT 6000 Loosing Output

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mpjonathan    0

I have an it6000 that quits outputing. I can see input on the meters but the output meters show nothing and nothing comes out the speakers. The quick fix is to power cycle the amp and it starts working again. Sometimes it never happens and sometimes it will happen over and over.

ever hear of this?

I did upgrade and reload the firmware and it didnt seem to matter.

Any other fix besides sending it in?



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Pesound    0

Yep we did have the same but with a 8000 !!

The load monitor is at that moment on 2 ohm, the amp is on low of a 4888 serie. It did happen on the show where I did lower the top crossover point of the low output (just a little).

Maybe the output did meet a short ? or close to 1 ohm ??

I did not power cycle the amp but lowerd the input with 3 db. I did notice a short red led indication on the front but in Iqwic no error or other overload indication.

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