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:angry: I have a CE-4000 that worked great, and then one day last week...nothing, no lights, no fan...nothing! I thought I had maybe forgotten to plug it in!

After doing much research on the web, I have found many instances of the Viper blowing in the Flyback and taking out other components with it. Also, a trace is know to burn out in this amp also.

What is Crown's fix for this? I want to repair it and prevent this from happening again.

Where can I find the Schematics for the CE-4000?? I see you now have them up on the disc. product page for the 1k and 2k , but not the 4k??

It would be nice to have them available!



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Bud Bolf    0
:)  :)

Thank You!!!

Any hints you'd care to share on the Viper fix? Please Email me.



Sounds like a repair that was done to my CE4000.

I had a problem with the Low Voltage Power Supply / Viper and also had a repaired trace.

My CE4000 did power up though and it was a intermittent problem.

I would get what sounded like pink noise coming out of the speakers..

Though that was the problem with MY amp that does not mean that ALL CE4000's

are like that.

If you know what you are doing, then the schematic is great, if you do not,

then do yourself a favor and take it in to a Authorized repair facility or send it to the Factory as I did!

MY CE4000 has been flawless since returning from the factory.

I hope that your CE4000 has a speedy recovery!

Put it in the hands of Crown Technicians and it will!

Good luck,


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