XTi4000 - Firmware won't download

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martinn    0

I'm trying to do the firmware update to my new XTi4000. I downloaded System Architect and went to the XTI_DSi_CDi_firmware folder and followed the directions there. When I tell CLoader_ver1_07.exe to use the XTI1105.hex file, it says "Programming...", but never does anything. I left it running for an hour. The amp display never says: “--Wait--” , like the instructions say it should. Nothing changes in the program. I don't get the get any response. If I abort, shut it down and start over, it does the same thing. Windows does recognize the device when I connect the USB cable.

What do I do next?

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dhartwig    0

Today I purchased an XTi 1000 and three XTi4000's. I'm having the same issue. I've tried using different computers, rebooting, and even just going into the System Architect to see if they'd been updated. Nothing...


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DGlass    0

First verify if the amp has already been updated to version 1.1.015 firmware- Current production models do not need to be updated.

With the amp turned on hold in the three front buttons for about 4 seconds. This will place the amplifier display in a diagnostic mode were individual channel temperatures, power supply temperature and the firmware versions are displayed. You can step through the displays for each by using either the “Prev/UP” or the “Next/Down” buttons until you get to the firmware version. If the amp is already than the CLoader program will not be able to upgrade the amp as it is already upgraded.

(If the amp shows a previous version and will still not update with Cloader contact one of us here at Crown Tech Support and we will assist you.)

Next follow the second part of the instructions to activate System Architect ver. 1.20 so the software can see the USB.

I am posting the instructions that come with the download and that are available from our web site (at below for you convenience.

XTi, CDi, and DSi Firmware Update Instructions

Uninstall all other versions of the System Architect software and delete its file folder in the C:\Program Files\Harman Pro directory.

Install the build 1.20 of System Architect from the HiQnet web site.

Do not start System Architect at this moment.

Firmware upgrade instructions:

The first time you connect to a CDi, DSi or XTi amplifier via USB you will need to do a firmware upgrade.

Note: Firmware upgrade MUST be done one amp at a time using this method. Also, System Architect MUST be closed.

Copy the “CLoader” program to your desktop (included in the System Architect zip file).

Connect the USB cable to the amplifier and the computer.

After the Windows New Device acknowledgement open the CLoader program.

Select “Load File” and navigate to the location were the .hex firmware file is located for the amplifier:

XTI11015.hex for XTi amplifiers

DSI11015.hex for DSi amplifiers

CDI11015.hex for CDi amplifiers

Select the file and then “Open”.

The amp front display panel will be displaying “--Wait--” and the channel 1 and channel 2 lights will be alternately flashing.

“Reboot” will be displayed next on the front of the amp and then it will display “DSP OFF” when completed.

After the amplifier reboots, the program will verify it has a valid serial number. If it does not, then it will assign one.

Perform steps 1-8 for each amp one at a time.

Close the CLoader program.

Note: Once firmware version is installed in the amplifiers, the CLoader program will no longer be needed as all further installs can be done through the System Architect program.

First time use of System Architect you may need to activate USB:

If you have already performed the system Architect setup for USB you will not need to perform the following steps

Start System Architect in the lower left corner of System Architect will be a white button that should say “Network Active”. If it says “Network Inactive” than left click on it once to activate.

In a few seconds the amp should appear in the “Venue View Panel.

If it doesn’t:

Select Tools|Options from the menu bar.

In the “Options” window select “Manage Network Connections” from “Network Settings”

Select “Add Connections”

In the “Network and Connections” window under “USB Devices” select the device with the Vendor ID (VID) of “4624”.

Select the “Add Connections” Button.

The new VID should be listed in the “USB Devices” window.

Device Addressing:

Each device will need to have its own independent HiQnet address. Currently the System Architect software will not auto address a USB device so the following steps will need to be performed on each amp one at a time.

Restart System Architect if it isn’t already running.

Connect an amplifier to the computer via the USB port.

After the device appears in the “Venue View” select Tools|Network Wizard from the menu bar.

Left click on the device to highlight it.

Select the “Configure” button.

In the “Configure Node” window give the amp a HiQnet address that is different than any other device in the network.

In a few seconds the device will appear in the “Network Wizard” with its new address.

Select the “Finish” button and restart the System Architect.

Device should be now seen in the Venue View with its new address.

I hope this helps. :)

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