XTI Bridging mono using speakons

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Beezball    0

I have a problem here, I have an XTI 2000, running a a bass cabinet that only has two speakon inputs. so in order to run all 8 subs, I need to have two speakons running into it. I have been running in stereo, but I'm missing out on 400 watts that my cabinet is more than capable of handling. I have a quarter inch cable that changes into two xlr outputs plugged into the back of the XTI. then I have two speakons running out of the XTI into my cabinet, this way I'm running stereo but I could care less. What do I need to do to bridge this?

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Stephane    0
so is anyone gonna post


so you want to bridge it??? look at page 13 in manual will explain how to. why 2 speakons into one cab?? the other speakon should be for daisy chain or i do not know bi-amp but if a dedicated sub i would be surprise . 8 subs for a single xti2000 alot of speakers.... :unsure:

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brylord    0
Well it's actually a bass guitar cabinet, kinda like the popular ampeg 8X10 cabinet.(except better)


Open the cabinet, calculate the ohms based on the speakers. With 8 speakers you'll probably have to do a series wiring job. Connect the leads to speakon connector in the back. Make sure that you aren't lower than 4 ohms. Either wire the speakon cable for Bridge mono or take one end off and use the binding terminals. The whole job is about 25 minutes.

A much more simple solution would be to use the DSP. You can Y the input so both channels get the same input. You won't get anymore power out of the amp running mono bridge. For my XTI 4000, I run (2) 4 ohm subs on each channel. Each side gets 1600w. If I bridged it I'd get one output at 3200w.

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