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djbeats    0

I have a very simple question. I just purchased an XTI2000 that will be powering 2 JBL JRX115's....but my question is...i have speaker cables like these

the problem is that if you look at the picture of the speaker cables where the connecton is made into the amp, one side is flat and the otehr side sticks out....

Where it hooks into the amp it goes - + + - , so only one fits snug and the other one wont fit because it doesnt go in straight :huh: Seems like the back of the amp should be - + - + to fit... Am i doing something wrong???

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DGlass    0

I think I know what you are doing. :D

You are trying to plug your speaker wire banana plugs into the Binding Post’s bare wire hold downs.

The ends of the amplifier’s Binding Posts have plastic plugs that need to be removed for using banana plugs. We are required to install safety plugs into the Banana Plug portion of the Binding Posts for Europe. This is to keep anyone in Europe from plugging their European power plug into the amplifier’s Banana plug outputs. It just so happens that the European power plug has about the same diameter and width as a Banana Plug.

Remove these plugs with a small screw driver and you will be able to plug in your speaker wire banana plugs with no problem.

The reason the output configuration is -++- is so you can put a banana plug across the two positives and easily get Bridge-Mono output from the amplifier. :)

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Bud Bolf    0

Hi DJbeats,

I have a simple question for you.

Since both the XTI2000 and the JRX115 both have Twist-Locking SPEAKON Chassis connectors,

(proven the world over as THE BEST speaker to amp connector) why would you use Banana plugs to 1/4" connectors?

These connectors can easily be pulled out and if someone tripped on a cord and pulled the 1/4" connector half way out of your speaker jack, it could connect the Tip and Sleeve and actually cause a short to the amp.

You should move up to the Millenium and use a speaker cable such as this:

Speakon Speaker Cable

Speakon's are used by touring pro's, as well as Local band's, you and your System

is worth it too!

You could also purchase Speakon connectors and install them onto your Banana to 1/4" speaker cable.

Just cut off the Banana and the 1/4" connectors and put a Speakon on each end.

Speakon connectors are widely available either online or at your local Music store such as Guitar Center or Sam Ash etc..

They are also as easy to put on a cable as to replace a new plug on your worn out extension cord.

You can then purchase additional bulk 12 gauge cable such as Carol's SJ 12/2 cable at Home Depot, or Loews.

Grainger has Coleman in lengths of 25 and 50 feet as well as 250 foot rolls.

You can save money and make your own Speakon speaker cables.

The most common Speakon's (and what you will find at GC and Sam Ash) are these:

Neutrik NL4FC Speakon

For high output (such as Subs)you can use these:

Neutrik NL4FX Speakon

Though some people prefer the release latch on the NL4FC's to the NL4FX's

To each his own.

However at CamelTraders the NL4FX's are going for $2.85 ea.

Link here:

CamelTraders NL4FX's

For all that you want to know about the Neutrik Speakon's go here to the Neutrik Website:

Neutrik Speako's

You can do so much more with Speakons, some will run one 12/4 four conductor Speakon cable to one stack and connect it to a Sub Cab let's say 2+/2- and then use a short speakon cable to go from the Sub to the top cab wired 1+/1-

This negates the need to run two separate cords.

When Bi-amping and Tri-amping with Subs, NL8's are used with 8 conductors going to each stack.

Many possibilities.

If you have a Amp Rack (multiple Power amps) then usually Rack panels are installed for running to Subs, Tops, Monitors etc. but we are getting way ahead of ourselves..

Check into Speakon's, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Just my 2c

Take care and good luck,


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