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I-Tech "Peak Voltage Limiter"

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helicool    0

I am having a problem trying to figure out the I-Tech's Peak Voltage Limiter feature for my current Systems, using an assortment of EAW Speakers (mainly LA400, JFX260, JFX560, and SBX220)

I cannot find a recomended "Voltage rating" for any of these speakers as a published spec, but I assume that I would want to make use of a Limiter to help ensure the safety of my gear.

In my case, an average rack of (3) IT4000 would drive:

2x JFX260 (biamp, 500W mid / 200W hi)

2x JFX560 (biamp, 500W mid / 200W hi)

4x LA-400 (500W) or 2x SBX-220 (1600W)

In each case, each amplifier channel would see a 4-ohm nominal load.

Is there a way to calculate the Peak Voltage Limiter settings based on this information? My fear is that experimenting with settings could lead to damage....

Any help would be appreciated -


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helicool    0

Calling Tech support and being reminded that Ohms law hasn't changed since I used it last.... . :blink: I realized that I knew the answer before I asked....

Thanks all -


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What i did for our systems was to find out the peak power of the speakers and then applied the formula V=?(PxZ) to find out the voltage

If you want i can email you a chart of the values for KF730 as guidance

Best regards

João Paulo Martins



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