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~rr~    0


I write software for a biocoustic / psiometric R&D company and we've just ordered our first I-Tech amp. I'd love to be able to integrate it into both our laboratory and end-user applications. However, due to the vector-intensive nature of the work, everything is written exclusively for Mac OSX and UNIX workstations.

Thus, I was wondering if there's any documentation available detailing the ehternet TCP/IQ implementation? If I could somehow access the I-Tech's features and diagnostics by sending commands via telnet or a web browser, then I'd have everything I need to customize our software to communicate with the amp.

Is this data available somewhere for application developers?



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johnsonR    0


Can you please tell me if you got your plan to work. I would love to be able to talk to an IQ network on a OSX box. PLEASE!!!!



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