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What are the changes from IQ-WIQ8.10 to 8.10a

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bob    0

What are the changes in the software from IQ-WIQ8.10 to 8.10a?

In the I-Tech firmware v2.0.4 is a displaydriver ITAPP204 but when i upload the bin the display shows Is that o.k.?

When i look to the I-Techs with IQ-WIQ 8.10 the thermal display will not show a red line in any conditions. Any Ideas?

With IQ-WIQ 8.10 I am not able to delete filters complete.

When I am using the comand to copy ch 1 filters to ch 2 in the filter rider of an I-Tech the filters from ch1 are added to the filters in ch2.

And what mean the control "amp sleep enable" "Sleep monitor"


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