xls 602 channel 2 output problem

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Bud Bolf    0

Hi Bernardo,

Check all connections...

Make sure that you see an indication on the front of the amp, that there is a signal present at Channel #2,

when in Per Channel mode and not Bridged.

Next, if the Inputs are OK, then are you wiring the speaker Outputs from the Binding posts or Speakon(s)?

Stereo output using just the top Speakon #1 only, is 1+/1- and 2+/2- with a Speakon NL4 connector.

Stereo output per Channel and using both Speakons is 1+/1- at Channel #1 and 1+/1- at Channel #2

I'm sure Johhnybon's question was dealing with, how is the Bridge switch that is under the XLR inputs, set?

In Bridged mode, Channel #1 Input only is used and the Outputs of 1+ is Positive and the 2+ is Negative to your speakers.

If you have confirmed that All is correct from INPUT to OUTPUT and still you have a dead Channel #2, then return your amp to the Authorized place of purchase and swap it out with another amp.

I hope that it's just a Duh, I had this wrong and all is OK.

Good luck,


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KWhitehead    0

It's also possible that the front level pot is or has been damaged. That will also cause no audio to pass in that channel.


Kip Whitehead

Crown Technical Support

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