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Micro-Tech 1200LX info

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Is there a schematic available for the Micro-Tech 1200LX? I've fixed the faults on the one I've got in for service, but it would be useful for future reference. Main module PCB is D6304B2.

Also, does anybody know the Crown part number and availability of the push button power switch used on this model? The part I'm talking about is just a button, spring and actuator assembly, which pushes a microswitch mounted on one of the heatsinks. The plastic actuator is broken and I don't know how long superglue will last... The only part I can see is a complete 10A SPST switch (C9091-7) in the service manual for a Macro-Tech 1200. Is that the replacement for the seperate actuator / microswitch arrangement, or is there another part?

EDIT: Found the part number in the MA-2400 service manual! D7167-6 :)


Richard Wright

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