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16KHz noise

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I am troubleshooting 8 CT 2000, and one CT 3000. All with USp3?CN.

some amps are running, low, and subs, and some mid/highs.

I can hear a 16KHz or in that area sine wave sounding (constant ringing) I have tried turning off all the lighting equipment in that area think fixture going bad. I have unpluged the network switches and analog input so only thing attached is the speaker outputs. It does go way after 10 or 15 minutes of quit noise. So the IQ must be turning on mutes or power off amp section. It does take med level of audio to get the 16K back. I am guessing the threshold is set high. I do not have password to IQ and was at night so could not get it either.

Also 3 of the amp are in different room and they are power full range, but I do not hear the sound off of them.

Both amp racks have power seq and one with noise amp has conditioner too. not sure if rack with 3 has seq/conditioner or just seq

any thoughts? has any one else heard this

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