Xs900 hum noise

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mvorchard    0

Hello there,

Sorry for the x-posting, but I just realized it may be better posting here.....

So I finally got my Xs900 connected, and the "huummmmmmmm" noise is just unbearable...

I bought this cable to connect my Onkyo receiver to the amp:

Not actually the one on the picture, it is the one with RCA male on one end, and 1/4" phono-plug (mono - one black strip) on the other end.

As soon as I take the gain control on the amp a little up, the "hum" noise starts.... it is actually awful. The cable is a 1 meter long, so I can discount this; but is there anything else I can check???

BTW, I'm powering the Zone 2 preamp out of the receiver.... no problem at all when I use the Zone 2 speaker connectors directly.

I would appreciate your feedback.



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DGlass    0

There is probably some sort of Grounding issue going on.

One thing to remember is that most consumer grade receivers, because of using unbalanced outputs, use a different grounding scheme internally than professional amplifiers. You will probably need a device like the Rolls "M15 ProMatch" or the ART "CleanBox" that are specifically designed to match Consumer grade equipment and Pro Audio equipment.

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