PS400 Service availability

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soundbroker    0

I have the opportunity to buy some PS400 amps that are supposedly not functional. They are cheap so the question is...can they be serviced and if serviced and brought up to spec...would they be worth the cost? They would be used in a home theater.

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DGlass    0

The PS series were some great amplifiers. Although we no longer service these units here at Crown, if the units look cosmetically good and the boards are not completely fried most of the electronic parts are still available and any service center should be able to get the units back up and running. Cost on the other hand is a hard thing to determine until each unit has been benched and looked at. If the problem is just some blown drivers or output devices the cost for the parts would be minimal plus what ever labor rate the shop charges.

Since the PS series had no fans they would make very nice home theater system amplifiers :)

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