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Hello support,

As the title of this topic describes, since a short period we are working with Itech software release 2.03, we are building a new workplace. We make use Iqwic

While building some questions did build up

I would like to address a Barmeter to the `Sharc Warped Workload` the description on this measurement is not in the controls list any more. But then if you do the drag and drop thing directly out of the amp it is possible to get this bar meter on the workplace, that working than so you say, But I do mis more measurements and other features in the controlist, like address, firmware version, psu temp etc etc. how can I get to those?

Is it possible to have a slider for the bandpass gain setting ?



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One thing to remember is that the 2.xx firmware is a HiQnet System Architect firmware that works with IQwic. Because of this the features that are not available in System Architect are not visible in the Control List.

I talked to our engineers and they said the removal of the “Sharc Warped Workload” may have been an oversight when the other items were being removed. For now go ahead and Drag and Drop it from the amps GUI if you need to monitor the % CPU Usage on a Custom Control/Monitoring Screen.

You don’t say what “Address” you are referring to that isn't available but the IQ/HiQnet address is still there. With the advent of Auto IP addressing, within System Architect, monitoring the IP Address is of little value in identifying the physical amp were the HiQnet/IQ address is.

Some items in the Control List are not necessary for user to monitor in“User” Control/Monitoring Panels. For example monitoring the Power Supply Temp monitor when what you should be really concerned with is the output channels Thermal Headroom available. The PS Temp monitor is really only there for the internal processor's control of the amp. Likewise, monitoring the current Firmware Version on a Users Control/Monitoring screen is considered to not be a very useful item when it is only looked at a few times mainly when installing new amps and updating the firmware.

Other items were removed because they were only used by our engineers and manufacturing and if adjusted these parameters could cause serious problems with the amplifier operation.


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